Our story

The idea that each stranger is living a life as vivid and complex as yours with their own ambitions, routines and worries. They might only appear once in your life, but everyone has a story.
From strangers to lovers is a brand that stands for love and communication. We want to encourage people to show the love they got for themselves and each other, because we believe love only grows by sharing. Our purpose is to spread love and generosity all over the world. Remind people to be nicer to each other and show some more love, we are all trying our best.
You can experience love in so many different ways, love with yourself, love with your friends, love with your family and love with your significant other.
We wanted to create not only a brand but a community. A community that support each other, empowers people and share our purpose as a brand. 
At the end of the day love is everything, it is more important than any collateral. Things don’t fulfill you, what we want to share with people is spend time getting close to the people you love. True love brings fulfillment, real secure people add value to people, real secure people uplift people, real secure people lead with love and humility.
from strangers to lovers